All companies say they provide a high level of service, and value for money. Glossy marketing brochures don’t always mean good service. Many companies also boast about the customers they look after, but do they retain them? Are they satisfied with the service received?


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Chroma Vision was founded in 2001 by two very smart CCTV engineers, John Baldwin and Garth Haskin.  They saw a need for a company that could provide a better service for large organisations that required bespoke CCTV solutions; systems that did not just tick a box but provided a tool that helped an organisation achieve their goals.  Local Authorities were keen to provide general public space coverage, shopping centres wanted building and asset protection, Hospitals wanted help monitoring people entering and leaving, the list goes on and on.  Chroma Vision has built many systems over the years and are proud that they have helped stop serious crimes and convict serious criminals.  Tens of thousands of individuals have been convicted with the evidence provided by the systems we installed.  In one London Borough around 600 people are arrested every year who would ‘get away with it’ if it were not for the proactive use of the CCTV system there.       

CCTV has moved on – the systems are no longer ‘closed’ and a better term is probably Video Surveillance Systems (VSS).  Since 2001 technology has advanced at a remarkable pace and the evolving Internet of Things and the Smart agenda have started to blur into the VSS world. 

At Chroma Vision we take great pride in ensuring we understand the tech and we understand our clients’ needs and work with all of these new technologies to provide the best solution for their problems.  We can provide help at every single stage of the process – from the first meeting, to digging the holes, ‘screwing stuff to the walls’, configuring the 0’s and 1’s, testing, to getting the information your CEO wants on their phone.

If you need help understanding VSS and the Smart agenda, please get in contact and we would love to help demystify the tech and deliver what you actually need.