We can help you at every stage of your CCTV journey


• Providing reassurance to the vulnerable
• Helping to reduce the fear of crime
• Providing an extra set of eyes and automated response to predetermined events
• Providing a different perspective of events which may be occurring on the ground

The team at Chroma Vision have the experience and skills required to help your organisation make the right system choice. We will listen to your requirements, understand your objectives and build to your budget. We can then install and maintain a system that really works for you – it does not just tick a box.

Our security systems will help you detect and deter crime and ASB – if you do suffer from a criminal act, our systems will be able to provide the best possible evidence to help you and the Police investigate the incident and provide a satisfactory outcome.

This may seem obvious statement, but we have corrected many systems over the years that do not have a clear operational specification and while they function, they often provided very little actual help to investigations.

Our team will ensure that each camera is the right one for the specific location and not just provide 8 identical cameras that just do an OK job for each area covered.
Since 2001 we have installed CCTV systems in virtually every environment you could imagine – whether you are a City or a corner shop we can help you with your CCTV – existing, replacement or new.

Please call or email and see how we can help.